Weekly programme

The guided panoramic tour
in mountain bike in an area of outstanding beauty around the Sella Group in The Dolomites, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will be a memory for lifetime for every mountainbiker. Thanks to trasport of the bikes on the uphill lift systems there is no problem in encountering the demanding uphills of the Dolomite Passes of Gardena, Campolongo, Pordoi and Sella. We’ll start from Selva Val Gardena, and will follow the counter clockwise route, accompanied by expert professional guides (ufficial guides of the Sellaronda MTB Track TOUR).

Even if the Sellaronda MTB Track TOUR clockwise is more known and also the most driven along, the counter clockwise tour should not be underestimated and should also be pedaled. The downhill parts are less tecnical, in turn the uphill passages require a better endurance.

Duration ca.: 9.00 – 17.30 (breaks included)
3.540 Mt/3.520 Mt (distance to cycle 900 Mt)
50/53 km

Technical downhills: ●●●●○
Endurance: ●●●○○
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PRICE: 80,00 € (Bikepass included)
60,00 € for Val Gardena Active partner accommodations (Bikepass included)
45,00 € Bikepass for Val Gardena Active ALL INCLUSIVE accommodations
Not more then 8 persons per group

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Subject: Sellaronda MTB Track Tour counter clockwise