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Level 1

 Tour on gravel and forest roads. In order to avoid too rough a terrain, we sometimes also use paved roads.
Requirement: Also for the 1st level you should already have some experience in mountainbiking and you should already have done some tours on a mountainbike. We recommend to beginners or mountainbikers with little experience to first complete a tecnical mountainbike course (Sunday: look on page….)

Level 2

Description: Tour on roads with coarse and fine gravel and forest paths, sometimes on challenging gravel roads with single trail paths. At any time it will be possible to get off the bike and walk the difficult parts.
Requirements: You bike sometimes in your spare time, have a good level of endurance and have also some tecnical experience on single trails.

Level 3

 Challenging tours for sport-moutainbikers. Tour on coarse gravel terrain and paths, singletrails and paths which also can contain steps.
Requirements: You bike often and are in good shape. You feel tenically safe on the moutainbike.

Level 4

 For well trained marathon bikers. Like in level 3 the tours will lead over coarse gravel roads and paths, singletrails and tecnically difficult paths.
Requirements: You train often and have a very good fitess and lovel of endurance. You have  very good control of your bike and are experienced on challenging downhill singletrails.

Level 5

Description: Tour on gravel roads and paths with over 2.000 metre uphill rise in altitude . The downhill tracks are tecnically very difficult and pass over mainly steep trails with stones and rocks.
Requirements: Perfect technical skills and excellent endurance.