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The colors of the Dolomites:

Sunset and Sunrise at the Rasciesa Alp


You really have no idea what you have missed If you have never seen the wonderful colours of the Dolomites at sunrise and sunset.


Day One

The tour towards the Raschötzer  Hut starts in the early afternoon: this challenging uphill mountain climb of just over 6 kms up to the Raschötzer Hut and requires strength and strong legs! It’s all worth the effort , though when you can get there , rest on the terrace and absorb the views.  Another short climb but not on such a steep slope, you arrive at the ‘Ausserraschötz’ huts. The amazing colours of the Dolomite rock, glowing in the evening sunset, is something that will stay in your memory forever. To finish off the evening there is a well earned  dinner and sleep at the Raschötz mountain hut.



Day Two

An early morning start and walk up to the Cross of the Raschötz from where the views of the sunrise  are one of natures’  wonders and which you have to experience.  A hearty breakfast thereafter provides the necessary nourishment for the day ahead’s tour.

 1.300 Mt 
 42 Km
Length of time: 5 - 6 hours including stops

Technical downhills: ●●○○○
Endurance: ●●●○○
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