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MTB Tour: Belong the Geisler/Odle


This tour through the Puez-Geisler nature park is one of the most impressive mountain bike ventures in the Gardena valley. The tour starts in Selva Gardena and various trails lead us, passing the little chapel of San Giacomo, to Ortisei. Here starts the ascent to the Raschötz Alp. The panoramic path from the Raschötz mountain cabin as far as the Holy Cross Chapel alone would be worth the almost 1,000m in altitude difference from St. Ulrich. But there is still better to come. In the second half of the tour you pass through inspired trails straight to the foot of the steeply towering Geisler mountain range. There the distinctive Pieralongia rock formation is waiting with scenery for the perfect souvenir photo.

From here there is not much way left to our first lodging for the night.

The ascient from Ortisei to the Alp of Rasciesa can be obmittet, using the cablecar of Raschötz.

Duration ca.: 5 hours (breaks included)
Departure: 9.00 o‘clock
 1.300 Mt
 34 Km

Technical downhills: ●●○○○
Endurance: ●●●●○
LEVEL Specifications -> 

Price per person without bikepass included (maximum 8 persons per group)
160 Euro for 1 person, 180 Euro 2 people + 15 Euro for every additional person